Focus on the Importance of Membership Recruitment

Submitted by: Alese M. Furnald, MS, MLS (ASCP)CM, ASCLS-MO Spring Meeting Co-Chair

ASCLS-Missouri is made up of selfless volunteers who share a common passion; maintaining excellence in the clinical labora￾tory profession. Recruiting members who also share in this same passion is something that we, as a society, value and actively pursue. It is the single, best way to help keep this society alive and thriving within the ever-growing field of clinical laboratory medicine.

I can remember when I was first recruited by my professors at Saint Louis University. “Join this organization and be a part of something bigger”, they told me enthusiastically. Joining was the best decision I could have made due to the strong relation￾ships I have made with people who share my same commitment to excellence in the laboratory.

As members of an organization, it is our job to give others the same opportunity to receive continuing education, network, become leaders, and provide a place where their voice can be heard. Since recruitment is one of the most important tools our organization has to expand the membership; we need to reach every single person within the laboratory field and let them know who we are and that we share a common bond.

I challenge each and every one of you to come up with a quick 30-second pitch that you can use when someone asks you, what ASCLS-Missouri is. Explain in your own terms what our society does, why we do it, and where we see ourselves in the future. I know there are people you work with who are not members of ASCLS-Missouri. I will ask you to take the challenge one step further and talk to your co-workers by giving them your 30-second pitch. Ask them to join you in creating something bigger for yourselves and future laboratorians. Just remember, you cannot recruit someone you have not talked to.


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